My name is Vipulkumar Jethabhai Kansar.I was born on the 5 th of January 1985 into a middle class, religious family, in Godhra, Gujarat state in  India. Our family is not big as typical Indian family. Just me, my elder brother and our parents. Father is a Civil Engineer and mother is a teacher.

My interest in Spirituality started already in my early cildhood. Same time i also started to study the Hindu holy scriptures. Becoming a teenager, i started to develope my interest in Yoga, as it is very practical for daily life. I got my inspiration from the stories of the mystical and great sages. Then i started to take lessons from the different Yoga institutions and cources.  Ofcourse, as a boy, i was interested to have supernatural skills and amazing muscular body, but i became to understand, that Yoga is not about show-off. You can practise even gymnastics to achieve very streching body and strong muscles. Yoga is so much more than just physical activity.

Yoga is the union between you and the Divine or Higher Energy. Yoga can be practised in physical , mental and spiritual level and the purpose is to find the balance within yourself and to achieve the highest goal- the liberation or MOKSHA(in sanskrit). The liberation can have a different meaning for different people: enlightenment, liberation from the cycles of births and deaths or the most material meaning – liberation from the fears, anger, frustration, insecurity, stress and diseases. So, practising Yoga fits all the people, despite of their age, gender or nationality.

Also, Meditation plays very important role in the Yoga practise. Through the Meditation, we can achieve the Highest Realization. And how can You even sit in Meditation even for just 1 hour, if your body is not well trained? Your back will become tired or have some pain, your feet will become tired and numb soon and so on. By practising Yoga, you can achieve anything – strong body, good health, calm and focused mind, which will ofcourse help you to have success and happiness in your life. Yoga is a lifestyle.

Patanjali Yoga is the main source and inspiration of my Yogic practises and teachings. It was Patanjali, who wrote the Yoga sutras about the  allinclusive ASHTANGA YOGA.   Ashtanga in sanskrit means : ASHTA= eight and ANGA =limb. You can find more information about Ashtanga Yoga from my website: GOOD TO KNOW ABOUT YOGA.

I have gained my inspiration, experiences and knowledges also from different sources or persons, such as:

* My Guru

* The Krishnamacharya

* B K S Iyengar Yoga

* Hatha Yoga

* Ashtanga Yoga

* Classical Patanjali Yoga

* Bihar School of Yoga

* Kriya Yoga

* Sivananda Yoga

* Kundalini Yoga

* Art of Living

* Nath Sampraday

* Baba Ramdev