Welcome to VipulYoga Studio!

Welcome to VipulYoga Studio!

At the moment, there is no VipulYoga Studio, only private sessions are possible. Location picked by the One who needs a private lesson, 1 h  (in Tallinn) – 20 EUR 1 person ja 30 EUR 2 persons

 Please wear comfortable clothes for practising Yoga.  It is recommended to wash the body before the Yoga class, but not after the class at least for 1 hour. Also, if possible, try not to eat at least 2 hours before Yoga lesson. Especially something heavy. You are most welcome!

Om Namaha Shivaya.



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And please, remember, that only You are responsible for Your own body.   The  instructor cannot know Your body, it`s capabilities and history, as You.    So, if You`ve got any kind of doubts or uncomforts with certain exercise, don`t do it.    Every person is an individual and Yoga is not a competition.    Every exercise You have to do exactly, how You can , according to how You feel and know Your body.

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